Friday, 28 April 2017

An appeal to Green voters... And non-voters too? A Facebook post I'd like people to read

Excuse this very long BC, Canada-centric political interruption. Please ignore at will. Also, sorry for repeating this junk so much all over the Internet for years.

I'm not sure how many friends I have who support Christy and the Libs, but you can stop reading now....

Ok, they're gone. I really really really don't want the Libs to win again and I'm really very worried that the left/progressive/whatever/non-Christy vote will once again divide itself up between Greens and NDP and the Libs will slip through. And please remember the Liberals paid for some Green advertising last election, and there are a couple former Lib insiders twittering about Lib strategy meetings concerning this exact issue. They rely on the Greens to take leftie votes. And yes of course the Greens take some votes from Libs too, but there is polling showing NDP are more frequently the second choice for Green voters. Accurate or not, the main point will be somewhere below.

I understand some people like the Greens (even though Weaver isn't very cool about teachers and unions, hmm..), and I know some of you have good friends and relatives running and supporting the Greens. I've never run for office. It's a good and difficult thing to do. I respect the process and personal choice and all that, but I'm mostly into the 'greater good' thing which trumps (oh god...) all for me.

In this election, with this electoral system, with all past and current polling, the NDP is the only party with any chance at all of getting rid of the Liberals. It's not personal (except against the Liberals), the NDP isn't owed your vote, no one is telling you how to vote. It's just math that everyone should understand.

Please think about the strange math of a first-past-the-post election and adjust accordingly depending on which is more important to you: supporting a Green candidate who might be lovely and a great future politician, but who will definitely lose in all but 3 or 4 ridings OR getting rid of Christy and the Libs. IF you pick the former as the most important of those two, please vote Green. It's fine. Like I said, no one is telling you how to vote. I just want everyone to fully understand what our votes will actually do and if you're ok with the Libs in power again, so be it. I lose and I think we all lose. IF the latter is more important, you have to (hold your nose?) vote NDP (unless you're in one of the 3 or 4 ridings where Greens are legitimately strong).

NDP, if they win, will have a referendum on electoral reform. We will hopefully vote to reform it, and Greens could get 8? 10? 12? seats next time and keep growing.

One odd bit for me is the Liberals will be much worse than the NDP for the environment. That is supposed to be the Green's main focus, no? If climate change is really the main freaky concern, you want them gone now, no?

Anyway, Libs will definitely not change our electoral system, so Greens will get 1 or 2 seats for the foreseeable future because the NDP and Lib bases are just too large. Maybe one day Vancouver Island will be its own Green province. It's way bigger than PEI...

Ok, brevity has never been my strength. Pick this apart if you like, but I think I'm right... Please notice the big IFs. Thanks, IF you made it this far.

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