Sunday, 13 June 2010

Toilet etiquette... going for the important stuff!

Ok, I'm a bit tired of the debate about toilet seats. In one of my classrooms (the washroom in an alternate school portable) the other day there was a massive, decorated and very angry sign telling the "boyz" to "put the seat down after use." I think originally this comes from the problem of girls sitting in an open toilet. Is this really that common a problem? First, no one should ever sit down without looking where they're going to sit. I would think this might apply even more importantly when one is near a toilet. Second, if everyone does ONE thing each time they use the toilet everything will be fair. So, hypothetically, a man might put the seat up to use the toilet and then, assuming a woman uses it next, she will put it down. They've both done one thing, which is perfectly fair. If things are as the complaints seem to imply, women want men to put the seat up and then down again so that a woman might never have to touch a toilet. In this scenario men have done two things and women have done none--not a big deal, but not fair either. Personally, I always close the thing entirely so obviously this would also be a problem if one were to sit without looking... Tune in next time when I spill my secrets on how to end all war and poverty!

Saturday, 5 June 2010

What I was planning on doing...

And what I never actually do... Actually that's not exactly true, but what I've discovered in these last few weeks of teaching before a lovely long summer is that there are a billion people saying the same types of things in the same types of blogs--and I'm tired. They do more research and write better and stick to the point better too. I've been reading about some of my peeves that I wanted to write about I just don't know where to start anymore. So, if anyone is actually reading this, I apologize for not making a better effort that will change the world! I will post more, but at the moment it feels rushed and I'm tired from a long year of driving to Delta everyday... I'm also going to write smaller bits and more to the point, more quick peeves like the following.

A quick peeve: It should not be so difficult to renovate a house in Vancouver. The number hoops and fees and inspections is absurd. There should probably be some regulation and inspection, but at the moment it is just crazy. If I OWN a house, I should sort of be able to do nearly what I want with it, no? Discuss. The end. Enjoy the weather wherever you are...